Pineywoods cattle grazing at Reyer Farms. Better beef  starts here!

Pineywoods cattle grazing at Reyer Farms. Better beef starts here!

Pineywoods Cattle

The Pineywoods cattle were brought to the New World by the Spanish explorers in the 1500s. These hardy cattle have thrived for centuries in the the deep south ranging the open woods, green pastures and browsing native scrub forages. A rare landrace breed designed by their environment to be gentle on the land and be a good steward of the natural resources. The beef is a lean quality with natural beefy flavor. Absolutly delicious!

A colorful herd of Pineywoods cows and calves moving to new pasture while jamming out to their favorite tune!
Reyer Farms cattle brand.

Reyer Farms cattle brand.

Why we brand our cattle

Premanent Identification

The art of branding cattle is the simple and sure way to permanetly identify livestock. Dating back centuries this historical practice is just as effective today as it was when Egyptains applied them to cattle. Eartags and chips are quick and handy but are temporary methods that are easily lost, removed, or exchanged. Cattle rustling that sparked the plots in western movies is still a threat to the modern day ranch and livestock producer. The brand and the location it is applied are registered with the Department of Agriculture and Commerce. Clear proof of identification makes cattle less desirable to steal but if stolen makes the livestock detective's job of finding them and returning them home much easier. The practice is so effective it is required by law in some states. Branding also allows us to trace each animal back to birth for generations and ensures a better quality product for our customers of livestock and beef. Reyer Farms brand is a reversed R sharing the back verticle line of an F forming the top of an anchor underneath. It is read as R connected F anchor.