The Cowboy Ribeye- YEEEHAAAWW!

The Cowboy ribeye is arguably the finest steak cut east of the Mississippi. It is the wonderful balance of taste and texture. A rugged romance on the plate to be enjoyed like a sunset that has fallen head over heels for the plains. As I dry the tear from eye and try to compose myself to explain the mastery of this decadent provision, I wonder why all ribeyes do not grow up to be cowboys. I guess not all have what it takes. The Cowboy is a bone in steak commanding the plate with his presence almost intimidating the other spineless cuts cowering in the corner. The trimmed rib bone detracts from the sensitive fat that is key to the Cowboys heart of gold.  The thing to remember is the Cowboy is unique and true, he cannot be conformed to the whim of social grace. He must be loved for who he is. This is no time for a rub of high society or a marinading of false bravado.  Keep it simple and honest, let the Cowboy do his thing.

  1. Wrangle yourself a Reyer Farms Cowboy ribeye!
  2. Grab your cast iron skillet from the chuck wagon and place on medium heat stove top.
  3. 1 tablespoon of cooking oil goes in that hot (nearly smoking) cast iron skillet.
  4. 1 teaspoon of lemon juice rubbed on the steak.
  5. Using tongs place the fat cap of the ribeye in the skillet and delight in the searing as you notice the time.
  6. After searing the fat cap place the steak in skillet and wait. The steak should stick to the skillet and this good! 
  7. We are only going to flip once, the steak will char and free itself at about the same time the blood begins to pin drop on uncooked side.
  8. Flip it. You have made note of the time when you seared the fat and now cook the other side the same amount of time. Forgot the time? Not a problem, just wait for steak to slide in skillet with gentle pressure.
  9. Steak is now plated to rest for a few moments. This is important! You can now salt and pepper the steak to taste. Dark flavored and richly tender with a delightful crust of contrasting texture destined to make a memory.

Nothing fancy but a wonderful med-rare steak that you will enjoy to the last bite. Let us know how it turned out!