Beef of Month!

farm CSA
farm CSA

Beef of Month!

110.00 every month for 1 year

Each month of the year you will receive a 8-10 lb box of our finest beef cuts for easy, healthy, and feel good gourmet meals!

It is the cost savings of buying a cow share but without the hassle of storage! Cooking tips and ideas included each month. 

Cuts included in the Boxes

  • Premium Ground Beef

  • Tender 2" thick steaks- Cowboy Cut Rib Eyes or New York Strips

  • Rich and Tasty steaks- Sirloin strips, Baseball steaks, or flat iron steaks

  • Everyday Steaks- Shoulder tenders, Round steaks, or Chuck Eye steaks

  • Savory roasts- top round, bottom round, or chuck

  • Prepped meal cuts- shish kabob, thin sliced beef for stir fry

  • Only for purchase and delivery in the state of Mississippi

Additional shipping costs will be added for home delivery

Free Pickup Available at Reyer Farms Lena, MS