Our Family Farm

     Reyer Farms is a new mother's aspiration to instill a solid foundation of faith, character and self esteem to our family's miracle baby. We decided to trim our household budget and plant the seeds of her idea in faith. Brittany resigned her position as County Agriculture Agent with Mississippi State University Extension Service and began to plan and prepare for our new baby and adventure. What began as a field of heirloom tomatoes quickly blossomed to a vast array of food focused on quality and taste. Our first daughter Anna Paisleigh was planting tomatoes before she could talk. She quickly became the best member of the sales staff. Brittany and Anna Paisleigh were busy farm girls and things were growing and going. 

    We knew that the standard of Reyer Farms must exceed all expectations to be successful. Crops were becoming more to juggle and I was finding little time to sleep between full time farming and grave yard shift work. We decided in order to meet the standard we set and fulfill our commitment we would invest all of our savings into another leap of faith. I resigned just in time to begin strawberry harvest. This idea was now our only source of income and there was no plan B. We had a great group of cheerleaders, comprised of chefs, family, friends, and loyal customers. We also had lots of folks who said we were crazy!

     Our family grew as the farm grew. The next strawberry harvest was interrupted by the arrival of Ms. Ava. This new red headed little girl came into this world like a bullet. She goes goes by "Tater" and does she ever go! Our search for better bacon for our better tomato sandwich also came to realization about this time. Our first Large Black Hogs quickly became a crowd favorite and Brittany's secret biscuit ingredient.  In the middle of this we were searching for cattle to add to ever expanding operation. The Pineywoods Cattle became the missing piece to the farms production cycle. Over the next  years we experienced the highs and lows and hardships of farming but also enjoyed a renewed appreciation for the power of relationships and the wonder of God's mercy and grace as we lived by faith.  In early 2016 we welcomed our third child, Gus, to the farm, and he has two good sisters to show him off. Our family still lives on the original acreage of the farm but what started as a couple of patches of tomatoes now grows in four counties of Mississippi. The mother's dream of sharing with her children the love of growing on a farm is a reality and our calling in this life is clear. We thank you for your interest in our farm and the food grown. You have our unwavering commitment to grow the finest food for your family and to always hold true our standards of honesty and integrity. Our farm's  goal to positively impact the life of one not yet born little girl has grown and been realized in countless smiles since 2011 and we look forward to sharing the experience with you as well. Please enjoy the website and contact us with any questions.


Jody Reyer

Our Beef


Our cattle are uniquely suited to flourish in the southern environment. The Pineywoods, a hardy breed that has survived in this country in spite of recessions, natural disasters, war and industry whims and trends, serves as a testament of of the enduring spirit of the American Farmer. Pineywoods are the breed with a rich history and a promising future. These cattle are a showcase of beauty and a vital part of our farm. Each beef is selected to supply a consistent quality product for our customer, while providing an exceptional value with little waste. Our beef is grown to give a rich and dark flavor that is savory and satisfying. Cattle raised on pasture to forage from birth until harvest. This complex natural array of browse and grazing makes for a happy and healthy animal. We take great care in our stewardship of land and beast. 

All Reyer Farms beef is dry aged to give full flavor and a one-of-a-kind experience to each steak, roast, and burger. Each package of ground beef from Reyer Farms is from a single animal - not a matrix of many. Our steaks are tender, juicy, flavorful and lean! We hope you will try the healthy experience our beef offers and see what you have been missing. Delight in the real beef flavor and enjoy the satisfaction of being a part of bringing a historic breed back to the modern table.


Our Location


1098 County Line Rd.
Lena, MS 39094

(601) 906-8991